At Potato Vision, we define our partnerships around common vision or common opportunities. As much of our early developments center around community and social aspects of computing, our current partners reveal an emphasis on this shared community focus.

We encourage you to visit the web-sites of our existing partners:

Captavate builds cutting edge outlining software, called Reflection. Captavate Reflection publishes documents into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as it transfers notes into finished presentations using an ad hoc authoring style. Visit their website at for additional information. Captavate has indicated that a future version of Reflection will utilize Lynx to provide thesaurus functionality to their core product. Potato Vision is directly assisting in that effort.

AV Bible has been providing free bible software since 1995. They intend to leverage the synonym engine of Lynx to improve search capabilities on the text of the King James Bible.( Potato Vision always remains in frequent communication with our partners to assist in timely delivery of co-branded offerings.

The Received Text organization has taken the open sources provided by AV Bible and have plans of providing a translator's workbench for Christian Missionaries. Check out as they are pursuing Lynx in conjunction with WordNet to provide a platform for Bible translation from English to lessor-known languages and tongues. Potato Vision is proud to partner with organizations engaged in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ.