Potato Vision provides free installations of NGINX and PHP on Windows. These provide a solid foundation for future development efforts and jumpstart your open source efforts utizing PHP on Windows. Potato Vision provides convenient integrated installations for Windows. This standard NGINX (zip file) for Windows may take some time to get configured. In contrast, Potato Vision provides installations of NGINX for Windows pre-configured with PHP 5.2 or PHP 5.3. These installations can have you up and running with PHP on windows in a matter of minutes. Afterwards, visit the NGINX web site for information on how to customize this fine small-footprint web-server to suit your own needs. As NGINX runs on other platforms, the Windows installation may also provide insight on configuration for other platforms.

Moreover, we have contributed to another open source effort called Visuwords. Visuwords itself is built on top of a very solid open source effort from Princeton University known as WordNet. Lynx, a product of Potato Vision, is the first public release of that contribution. It has been this latter effort which has prompted interest from Captavate, AV Bible, and the Recieved Text organization. Each has expressed interest in branded implementations of Lynx. Potato Vision will always entertain additional partnerships, especially such partnerships that emphasize strategic positioning where clearly defined market opportunities exist for both parties.